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Specialists in nonablative skin rejuvenation and autologous cellular regeneration.
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  • Click here to order by email. Careful computer assessment and analysis of the face complexion and sensitivity is performed, to map the face regions and to classify it in terms of photo- or sun damage before peeling
  • A chemical peel is an established salon procedure to clean up the superficial dead layers of the skin and to improve the complexion by renewal and enhanced exfoliation. Select an expert to do it for you
  • Neostrata® peels (also referred to as superficial AHA peels) are used in 55 countries to address facial fine lines, wrinkles, acne and pigmentation. TCA peels also work well. Therefore, peels are directed at rejuvenation, restoration of beauty and skin renewal
  • Combined with light-therapy , superficial chemical peels render rapidly visible complexion improvement, far superior to IPL, laser or RF devices
  • Skin-look, tone and texture of your skin will improve after a chemical peel , provided you do not have a sensitive complexion
  • Lunch time peels and photo-facial are gentle, affordable, predictable and popular
  • The chemical peel renews the skin surface layers, but can “sting” or “burn” during the procedure. This is usually bearable
  • The skin complexion may get slightly worse for a while, before getting better. Be prepared for this
  • One peel is insufficient to draw conclusions. A series of peels is needed
  • Acne and pigment can flare for a few days, and then improve with exfoliation. Be alert for this
  • Peels can improve dry, oily and acne-prone skin, age-spots and melasma. Melasma tends to recur!
  • Peels can be added to LED PHOTOFACIAL: this improves smoothness of the skin
  • Soft peels remove built-up dead skin and soften fine lines
  • Short-period skin exposure to glycolic acid or TCA peels can improve skin appearance by making it smoother, healthier, plumper and tighter. Also pigmentation irregularity will lighten. Pore-size is reduced and the skin glow and radiance is increased. This is pleasing to beauty clients
  • Before-hand, your doctor must determine your skin sensitivity and your peel aspiration
  • Peels should  be avoided in persons on retinoids, with facial herpes, having had previous radiation therapy, and are pregnant
  • In experienced hands the rejuvenation results of superficial peels are superior to those of lasers, IPL and RF devices ( and far more cost effective)
  • For best textural results, multiple peels , spaced at intervals are needed                                                                                                  
  • Recovery or down-time varies from zero to a few days when skin flaking can occur. Then you will see the new skin.
  • After peels you cannot go in the sun, and must apply a sun-screen or blocker . Allergies are caused by changing creams all the time
  • Some peel recipients can have a red face,that peels for a few days. Avoid picking on the flakes           


glycolic acid peel, AHA, facial peel, photo-facial, chemical peel, exfoliation, TCA peel.

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Boland Cell - Cell Technology - Aesthetic Biotechnology