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Skin rejuvenation, and skin tightening, especially regarding the face is patient driven and an important component of aesthetic medicine. To improve facial and shin complexion most SPA'S and clinics offer options such as ablative laser resurfacing, non ablative skin photo rejuvenation with lasers and IPL'S and light-emitting diode (LED) phototherapy, nonablative skin tightening or resurfacing, minimally invasive ablative resurfacing and fractional photothermolysis. Radio frequency devices are also popular for induction of skin tightening.

To induce end-point skin outcomes, intermittent treatments are needed 9 often 5-10 sessions with the therapist). Thereafter, maintenance treatment is imperative to combat the ongoing aging process. Don't forget, " taxes and wrinkles" one cannot escape. The aging process may affect you in various degrees. However, the final outcome is a sagging face, full of deep lines and wrinkles, eye bags, midface ptosis, dew lap and double chin, crow feet, blotches, dry scaling thin skin, prominent jowls, thinning of the skin and telangiectasis of the face, nose, zygomatic and malar regions. Obviously the above machines, light sources and devices cannot correct all these physiological outcomes of aging and the aged=face. You may suffer from chronologically, genetic or solar damaged face ( by the uv irradiation of the sins rays). Therefore rejuvenation of the aged-face or solar aged-face will need the care of a very experienced consultant with in-depth specialist training in skin histology, skin pathology, facial anatomy, photo-light therapy, side-effects of photo-light therapy, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, use of Botox or equivalent, RF , lasers, IPL'S, ACR, skin diagnostics, use of adjunctive and supportive cosmoceuticals. Benchmark therapists are far and few between, most are lacking in knowledge of skin molecular and cell biology, especially when it focuses on collagen production and fibroblast proliferation needed for ECM restoration and therefore skin texture augmentation.

What one, as a clinic or SPA patient/client, is not told about is that no-response (or treatment failure) can be expected from non-ablative treatments. BOLANDCELL emphasizes therefore that the treatment regimens are unpredictable in terms of measured outcomes. That means that you will have no visible outcome and have been bluffed (and paid a lot of money for no response). Furthermore, that means that the client going for minimally invasive facial rejuvenation, detects very poor restoration, reversal or amelioration of deep lines, bad wrinkles, sagging, and melasma and blotches-even after many treatments and even months. Also people have excessive aspirations! This is easy to understand if one is schooled in histopathology, application of photo-light therapy and molecular cell biology. Not all clients respond well to therapy with light sources! And the down side apart from gaining very little or poor outcome, is the danger of sustaining permanent or semi permanent post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH). BOLANDCELL highlights these important, negative outcomes and has consultants to advise clients of these possible and real eventualities.

Whatever treatment regiment is embarked upon, facial rejuvenation to combat or reverse/restore facial aging is a very gradual process, and often taking months and maintenance treatment is needed. This may be even needed at 6 months intervals, but not longer than one year intervals. And this costs money and time. One has to pay the clinic, the consultant's fee and numerous treatments (each at extra costs) because the clinics and salons have to cover overheads (such as salaries, rentals, costs of devices etc).


You may want to treat yourself at home, and evaluate your own progress. There are now several light-emitting devices that can safely be used at home, reasonably effective and safe. It could save you thousands in consultation fees, especially if you are cash-strapped and on a limited budget. It is not a new concept and allows for facial rejuvenation in the comfort of your home. Do not expect to get the results of a full face lift or threads that in the hands of an expert plastic surgeon render excellent results. But, at least you will get satisfaction in gauging your progress. Cost effective light-devices are now within your budgetary reach. BOLANDCELL has tested two products and found the E.Laser and Radiancy devices to be of value (see pull down menu for RADIANCY 2007). These are not harsh on the skin.


  1. Try and gauge how badly your face has aged. Read up on the Internet about the FITSPATRICK and Glacou scoring systems.
  2. If you have badly solar-aged changes you may well have to see a dermatologist or other specialist to rule out skin cancer (BCC and SCC) and melanoma. A few sessions of microdermabrasion, which is completely non-invasive and painless, will stand you in good stead and provide a nice smooth face. But the effect wears off in about 1 month and repeated treatments at the SPA is well worth it.
  3. If you are older than 50 years, have bad sagging, mid face ptosis, double chin or lipoatrophy, you will benefit rather from a mini or full-face (or threads). You made need fat transfer for hollows and the technique works. You can expect abetter result, if done well. If you have bags under the eyes, a surgical blepharoplasty is the answer. You will have swelling and bruising for 1-3 weeks, but this will clear and the results are often super. Non-ablative light therapy is very weak and results very variable. This the client must understand. Also, do not expect too much from the doctor or therapist and curb your expectations if unrealistic. I you suffer from the Body Dismorphic Syndrome, you will waste the doctors and your time. Often psychological counselling's needed in these cases.
  4. Don't expect lentigens to disappear overnight. Melasma needs many treatment sessions and can come back suddenly! Also, bleaching creams are needed and should be prescribed by a dermatologist.
  5. You may find that 4-5 treatments by microdermabrasion will give you a nice smooth skin, especially if combined with a good night and day cream (an excellent product is: NeostrataT Bionic Face Serum , and is available from Genop). A gentle facial, soft cream and dermabrasion is all one often needs. BOLANDCELL finds this a very good option and is cost effective. Four to five treatments are needed. This approach is strongly supported by salons, dermatologists and plastic surgeons, if you are a candidate and meet inclusion criteria. Consider this option.
  6. If you are scared of laser induced scarification, hypo or hyperpigmentation and a poor or variable result from IPL, find a doctor or clinic that offers light -emitting diode ( LED) phototherapy. Skin tightening by radiofrequency (RF) is achievable, variable and non-lasting. Back-up and maintenance therapy is needed. Regarding LED, you simply lie under a light source (not sun bed) that rejuvenates your face. Treatment sessions last 20 minutes and there is no down time or discomfort. You need many sessions and the most popular is the red light or 633nm source. Rejuvenation is by an athermal or non-thermal process. Many patients prefer this. Combined with special vitamin A enriched creams of serums, (such as NeostrataT Bionic Facial Serum ) render very good results are achieved without scarification. You pop into the therapist weekly; the light is administered to the face over 20 minutes, completely painlessly. BOLANDCELL strongly supports this treatment over others, because of safety profile, although many sessions will be needed. Many patients seeking facial rejuvenation, select this option and if an effective skin cream is available. OMNILUXT manufactures this device and treatment is available in Cape Town and Johannesburg , and indeed other parts of the world. It is a sound option, if the client does not want fractional photo light therapy or non-ablative IPL, and is seeking facial rejuvenation by a non-thermal source. LED works by cellular bio modulation and not by thermal damage and inflammation induced by lasers and some IPL. By using light innovation mast cells, fibroblasts and keratinocytes can be specifically targeted. Scientific evidence that a light source in the range 630-650nm can be used for facial rejuvenation can be found at Russel et al 2005, Journal of Cosmetic and Laser Therapy ( 7: 196-200). From a cell biology perspective, the effects of LLLT are as follows:
    • Improved wound healing in dentistry practice
    • Increased cellular metabolic processes
    • Increased regenerative potential of biological tissues
    • Increased neovascularization and formation of regenerative tissue
    • Increased proliferation of fibroblasts in TC ( ex vivo)
    • Increased proliferation of cultured gingival fibroblasts ( fluences of 2J/cm 2 ). Therefore low level lasers have important biomodulatory effects regards cell function and rate of collagen synthesis.


  1. E-laser is a low level HE-NE Laser ( wave length 630-650nm) destined for home use
  2. As with all light sources, eye protection is needed. Avoid looking at the light source.
  3. Read the use manual that goes with the light
  4. Components: Light source, stand, adaptor and laser protection cap Apply the light source as close as possible to the skin to avoid scattering of the light. It is a low energy light source and therefore burns will be very uncommon
  5. The device can be used to reduce scarring, bring pain relief and effect tissue regeneration. There is scientific evidence and publications to support the use of the device
  6. It can be used for facial rejuvenation in your home. Results are variable, depending on the skin type, and many treatments will be needed as well as maintenance therapy.
  7. Usually devices of this strength are applied twice weekly to the desired area and the exposure time is twenty minutes. Monitor the treatment area carefully. Avoid over treatment and watch out for hypo and hyperpigmentation. Skin tightening can be expected to occur after 5 -10 treatments. Use high quality adjunctive moisturisers, day and night crème, sun block and stay out of the sun. Creams in the range of NEOSTRATAT are recommended (consider the lactobionic facial serum). Go to top of page

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