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The Velasmooth®, is an Israeli device specifically designed to sculpture cellulite in man via a minimally invasive technology and is well suited for clinics and salons. It is very popular in use in Europe . The device is marketed by Radiant Healthcare, Sundowner, Gauteng (tel: 0867272200). It is one of the SyneronT, cosmetic devices, and is powered by revolutionary ELOST technology. Velasmooth®, a unique body contouring system, is commercially available for aesthetic spas and salons. BOLANDCELL has assessed the device and is highly recommended for the treatment of the dimpled, mattress appearance of cellulite that affects 80% of all women over the age of 20 years, regardless of weight and body-shape. It is a safe, non-invasive and painless treatment in the hands of trained users. Visible results can be expected in as little as 5 treatment sessions. End-point analysis achievable includes circumferential reductions and body contouring.

The VelasmoothT is suitable for cellulite affecting the upper abdomen, love handles and saddlebags. Inner thighs as well as the upper arms can be done because the apparatus has a small versatile head. A double chin can also be treated.

The mechanism of action is orchestrated by the ELOST technology: combination of Bi-polar radio frequency (RF), Infrared light Energies, plus negative pressure and tissue manipulation. The alternative to the VelasmoothT is the UltrashapeT or EndermorlogieT. Both men and woman can be treated with the UltrashapeT, and there is no down time, in which a focused ultrasound beam is used. The ultrasound includes mechanical disruption of the fat cell membranes in the case of the UltrashapeT. the adipocytes and fat cells are thus popped. The ultrasound induces skin mechanical disruption of the fat cell membranes. The VelasmoothT induces skin sculpturing by selective dermal heating which effects neocollagenesis. This initiates collagen remodeling through controlled tissue inflammation and collagen contraction (Alster et al: J Cosmetic and Laser Therapy, 2005:7:81-85). Continued maintenance treatment is recommended. The massaging effect is also beneficial for the microcirculation and lymphatic drainage. Currently, the VelasmoothT is the benchmark device against which other apparatus are evaluated. The apparatus is widely used in South Africa with success.


  • No traumatic popping of fat cells
  • Highly suitable and affordable for a salon
  • Excellent backup and maintenance service contract in the event of malfunction.
  • Build in RF device with ELOST TECHNOLOGY
  • Machine is very cost effective
  • Apparatus is mobile and can be taken from one clinic or salon to another without any hassles
  • Safe and effective, and results are visible after 5 treatments, but maintenance treatment is advised. Quick in and out with no down time.
  • Patient treatment session is very much shorter than the Ultrashape were persons have to lie supine, with the current devices for 75 minutes
  • UltrashapeT, because of the use of ultrasound showed be driven by a medically qualified person
  • VelasmoothT can be operated by a non medical assistant
  • Is currently the apparatus of choice for the South African market, because of cost, low maintenance and user friendly training?
  • The VelasmoothT is well assessed in the medical literature in the form of publications and comes out tops.


    • For more details on cellulite visit other sections of the website and consult .
    • You need to know that a life long diet and exercise program must be followed. You must know that fat reaccumulation re-curs. You must know that your fat deposits, fat saddle bags, fat love-handles can come back if maintenance treatment with anti-fat devices is not adhered to. You must know that many treatments with anti-fat devices are needed before clinical results are visible. So you will need maintenance treatments, plus a diet and correct exercises to avoid fat accumulation and a failed treatment schedule.
    • What choices of anti-cellulite machines do you have in the clinic or Medi-spa?
    • SYNERON'S VELASMOOTHT ( recommended by Boland cell )
    • Syneron's Velafirm T program (also for improvement of skin laxity and wrinkle reduction on face, neck, abdomen and extremeties: results can be expected with only 5 treatments over a period of 6-8 weeks time frame. For more details consult . Combinations of VelasmoothT and RefirmeT ST give very good results and this approach gives reduction in cellulite and at the same time gives body tonification. If one has sagging skin of the lower abdomen plus cellulite, a very favorable result can be expected after 4-5 treatments by the VelaFirmT and VelasmoothT
    • Other devices: EndermologieT LPG; and UltrashapeT
    • The ELOS technology used in the VelasmoothT, has been documented in the literature and favorable results have been documented. BOLANDCELL also recorder favorable clinical outcome with the VelasmoothT device, which is cost effective and is safe therapy. Treatment times are short, there is no pain or down time. Currently VelasmoothT offers benchmark outcomes, compared to other devices.


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