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Specialists in nonablative skin rejuvenation and autologous cellular regeneration.
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Click here to order by email. Aesthetics Clinic had an open day and sponsored work-shop on 30/10/2009 at Skilpadsvlei Wine-Farm, situated near Spier ( Stellenbosch) in The Boland, Western Cape. The organiser was Debbie Le Grange and a packed informed-audience was the result. Guest-speakers included:

  • Dr Nardus le Grange: Aesthetici Practitioner from Aesthetics ( medical)
  • Gertrude Erasmus from Laser-Away in Bellville, Tokai and Stellenbosch
  • Professor Don du Toit, PHD: Biomedical Sciences from the University of Stellenbosch, Tygerberg Campus
  • Russel Looms : ( Biokinetic and movement specialist)
  • Dr Nerina Wilkinsin:  specialist plastic-surgeon from Renaissance Surgical Clinic ( Cape Town)and Tyger Valley Skin Laser-Centre, Bellville.
Women's Day 30-10-2009 015Debbie het 'n skitterende ope-dag gereel en 'n onvergeetlike ervaring. Beste dfdt te Maties

Dr Nerina Wilkinsin: Gave a masterly overview on “ Designer vagina”, more specifically on the indications and applications of labioplasty. A brief overview was given on the enlargement of the penis wih Macrolane.
Gertrude Erasmus from Laser Away™ presented before and after images after laser treatment for hair-removal. Especially effective was treatment to the extremities and pubic-region. Laser Away™ has a consultation service where a client can obtain information regarding the suitability for hair removal. Most clients know that laser treatment can sting. This can be partially reduced by numbing the skin with Emla® cream.
Russel Looms emphasized the importance of fitness and exercise. He demonstrated by using a tennis ball- rolling action under the feet, that flexion of the spine could be improved. They have two consultation rooms in the local area. Exercise is important to maintain an upright posture.


" Dosente". Veelsgeluk met die mylpaal wat u en Debbie vandag bereik het. Beste dfdt te Maties.Women's Day 30-10-2009 015

Dr Nardus Le Grange (Aesthetics: and medical aesthetic practitioner) gave two scientific talks on:

  • Latest trends in non-invasive cosmetic medicine
  • Latest trends in non-invasive beauty industry

The talk covered the fields of and application of MDA, chemical Peels, LED light-therapy and photo-facial for rejuvenation. A comprehensive overview was given on the application of BOTOX and fillers including aesthetic choices. Dr Le Grange prefers Dysport® but uses Botox® nonetheless. Application  of vein-sclerotherapy was demonstrated as performed at Aesthetics under medical supervision. Dr le Grange demonstrated how to approach the aged-face medically, and how effectively Botox and fillers can be applied by an aesthetician to deal with lines and creases. And also to show what is possible in the hands of aDr lewer referaat! Beste dfdt te Maties.n experienced medically qualified aesthetician and when clients decline costly plastic-surgery. Dr Le Grange demonstrated the use and application of the Dermaroller® in combination with masks including PRP-MASKS to facilitate absorbtion of the patients own natural growth factor’s released from the PRP. Dr Le Grange has held a PRP- training workshop at AMCSA 2008 at Gallagher Estate, Gauteng, and attended by many aesthetic practitioners. Two REGENLAB® workshops have been held in Cape Town during 2009. Currently there are 3 PRP –kits available in South Africa. The preferred kit is REGENLAB-PRP® because it is well established, proven and clearly the cheapest by thousands of rands. Results using this plasma-kit that generates autologous platelet-rich plasma are now available at 2-years. Rejuvenation is achieved and the efficacy can be enhanced by the simultaneous use of Thermage®. The neck and back of the hands respond favourably. ®, also autologous platelet-rich plasma, is the latest version available in South Africa. Rejuvenation by autologous platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is available at Aesthetics that is a medically registered aesthetic practice with and experienced and trained medical doctor. Other kits available to generate plasma for facial regeneration and rejuvenation include NEOKIT-PRP-MYCELLS®but is more costly.

Professor Don Du Toit, Biomedical Science:  spoke on Cosmeceutical-Science and Neostrata®: The content covered:

  • Skin histology and cytology relevant to the cosmetic industry
  • Skin-aging
  • Neostrata® skin Care Products
  • Understanding alpha-hydroxyacids and polyhydroxy acids ( role in skin normalization)
  • PHAS for photo-aged skin
  • Mechanism of action of lactobionic acid and gluconolactone and drug-trial outcomes
  • Process of normalization of keratinisation: anti-aging benefits of AHAS
  • Products: Neostrata® Bionic Eye Cream (4 PHA), Neostrata® Daytime Protection cream SPF 15 (10 PHA), Neostrata® Bionic Face Cream (12 PHA...contains lactobionic acid), Heliocare® 50 UVB/UVA 50 sunscreen ( gel and spray), Neostrata® Renewal Cream (12 PHA.....contains gluconolactone formulation and Pro-Retinol).
  • Reference was made to the launching of VICHY (Laboratoires Homme): A new generation of Skincare for men.
  • VICHY PRODUCTS FOR MEN: Normal skin: Hydra Mag C( fortifying 24 hour hydrating care); Acne prone skin: Normoactive Cg (purifying hydrating fluid) ; and Ageing Skin: Reti Fill ( corrective concentrate anti-wrinkle anti-uva).
Ongelooflike ervaring. Nogmaals dankie dat u my oorweeg het. Skitterende en buitengewone organisasie deur CEO, Debbie van ongekende gehalte! Veelsgeluk aan u en u vennoot, sovel as u personeel met hierdie prestasie en mylpaal. Beste dfdt te Maties.

Dankie vir 'n ongelooflike dag. Top reelings deur CEO Debbie. Beste dfdt te Maties.


  • Green BA et al. Lactobionic acid and gluconolactone: PHA’s for photoaged skin. Cosmetic dermatology:September 2002:24-28.
  • Petratos MA et al. Drug therapies and adjunctive uses of alpha-hydroxy and poly-hydroxy acids. Cosmetic dermatology 66:107-111, 2000

This website provides no information on skin-care. Readers are recommended to discuss skin  issues with a dermatologist, plastic-surgeon or aesthetic expert.
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